Client and Guest Experiences

“It's been a joy watching Ruby Stone blossom. It’s as if the love, care and passion given to your clients goes right back into your company – and we’re so proud to have been your “first”.

- Ellen Newhouse

Thank you for managing everything with such skill and devotion. Everything was at its best thanks to you!

- Oprah Winfrey

From one producer to another, you are a gem. Collaborating with you has been a fabulous experience.

- Ellen Rakieten

Give yourself a round of applause, Hillary. Another event WELL PRODUCED! You're are such a pleasure to work with and be around!

- Gayle King

“We are extremely grateful for your tenacity, professionalism, cool under pressure, passion, patience, leadership, and the ability to keep an air of humor when obstacles emerge. You’re a brilliant producer.”

- Privacy Protected

You’re one of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. How do you stay so calm, sweet, and still rock those heels for so many hours?!

- Julie Skarratt Photography LLC

Your willingness –
no, insistence – to keep tweaking and fine-tuning anything and everything, up until the night of the party, to make sure everything was right, is remarkable.

- Privacy Protected

“I am deeply grateful to you and think you are an incredible event planner. The parties were all fantastic and most importantly, my daughter was ecstatic. You shaped such an incredible forum for her to shine. As I look through all the boxes and see the many details that were incorporated into the events, I am amazed. The little touches are everywhere and it’s remarkable. Your touch in every aspect of the weekend was evident, and I thank you in particular for helping to produce all of the videos.”

- Privacy Protected

“You turned the most important day of our lives into a fairytale. You have such a kind heart and we feel fortunate to have you in our lives and as a new friend. Thank you for taking your time to get to really know us and finding a way to express our lives through your vision and design. Your passion, dedication and character shine in all things you create. We love you! Thanks for making it all come together seamlessly.”

- Privacy Protected

It didn’t take me more than that cup of coffee for me to know that you were the right person to plan this important event – and, WOW, was I right!

- Ellen Newhouse

“We have been on a journey together for the last year, and it has been a journey of fun and joy and discovering the meaning of true celebration. I do believe that your art and talent lies not only in creating “great parties,” but also, and more importantly, helping your clients realize that the success of the final event is being able to enjoy it along the way.”

- Privacy Protected

“After having our wedding be sculpted by a team that was helmed by Hillary, I realize that the word "tailored" or "personalized" still cannot quite describe that experience. She, for us, had the biggest presence in the faces of those who put our dream to life, yet was virtually invisible to those who were guests. She quietly made everything run seamlessly, and for this, all of our guests wanted to know who was responsible for making the joy tangible. It was more than perfect flowers + a beautifully designed cake. It was more than the specifically chosen butler to care for my husband + me. To us, it was the fact that we knew that Hillary's intention was that she honestly wanted us to feel like the experience was the right one to set our lives a sail. And it did.”

- Chrishaunda Lee and Jason Perez